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1734 Tradition Contacts in North America

compiled by Mevlannen Beshderen

Issues and Concerns

You are most likely to find out about 1734 covens or  study groups by direct contact with  their members, after you have been participating in your local Pagan community for some time. Traditional study groups tend not to widely advertise their existence, relying instead upon  word-of-mouth. I can speak from personal experience on  this issue, for I met my 1734 friends at one of Covenant of the Goddess' national gatherings, and got to know them as being good people and good Witches before I ever  found out much about their Tradition (of which I am not an initiate.)

Once you have made contact with a study group or coven, ask for and check references. Although the 1734 Tradition does not attach overwhelming importance to  issues of initiatory lineage, the fact is that is covens function as an extended  family of Craft kin, and they do trace their lineage back to Robert Cochrane or one of his covenmates.

 Electronic and Postal Contacts

Southern California (and national referrals)

Doug and Sandy Kopf  of Coven Ashesh-Hekat (which is a member coven of the Southern California Local Council of Covenant of the  Goddess) take students, and can also provide referrals to 1734 teachers and study groups in America. E-mail them via:

Midwest States

Valerian Silverwood of Coven DragonStar Rising  (which is a member coven of the Northern Dawn Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess) may be contacted via:

Friends of the Family

Joseph Wilson, who played a  significant part in the development of the 1734 Tradition in America, follows a shamanic path nowadays. His website, at , outlines his work as a shaman, and offers links to other shamanic resources that are available on the Web. You may also e-mail him via:

Magazines and Newsletters

I know of no publications specifically devoted to the 1734 Tradition. Covenant of the Goddess' journal, the CoG Newsletter occasionally  carries articles and news from 1734 covens, as part of its mandate to provide a communications medium for the Covenant.

written by Mevlannen Beshderen
updated: December 2, 1997
document 1734FIND © 1997 Beaufort House Association

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